Get Paid To Quit Smoking – How Companies Are Giving Away Cash Incentives For Quit Smoking Programs

Get paid to stop smoking and earn up to $2,500 in salary in less than one year! Of course, you’ll wonder, just why would companies pay you to stop smoking, right? Well, companies are always worried about your health these days but that isn’t the only reason why they offer you this great opportunity to get paid to quit smoking. There are other reasons why companies are willing to give you this money.

get paid to quit smoking

The first reason why companies are ready to pay you to stop smoking is to protect their business. It’s a fact that nicotine-reducing products are very popular among smokers. In addition, many doctors and counselors believe that the number of smokers who try to quit their bad smoking habits every year is steadily increasing. This means that there will be more people getting these counseling sessions. And they will need these services.

The second reason why you can get paid to quit smoking is to increase their profits. Most cigarette manufacturers, including Lorillard and VSC, have already seen the great demand for non-smoking products. Because of the increasing number of smokers, cigarette companies are thinking about ways on how to increase their sales. They are already aware that if they provide help to smokers and give them useful information about the danger of smoking, then they will most likely keep smokers on their sides for a long time.

Finally, incentives for smokers will be used to encourage them to stop smoking. One common incentive is the “quit smoking relief bonus” that is given when a smoker submits to their counseling sessions. These smoking cessation programs usually require a person to submit to sessions for at least eight weeks. During these sessions, they will be given information about the multiple health hazards that they will experience if they continue with their smoking habit.

These incentives will not only come in the form of cash incentives. They will also come in the form of discounts from local businesses. Incentives like discounts from restaurants or shopping malls can make it easier for smokers to kick the habit. They can purchase healthier food and other goods without spending too much money on their habit.

Second-hand smoke is responsible for the death of millions of non-smokers every year. And since this habit only causes death for a smoker, companies should be able to earn billions of dollars every year. That’s why they are encouraging smokers to quit the dangerous habit by offering cash incentives. Who knows, maybe this incentive system will be enough to convince even the most stubborn non-smokers to kick the smoking habit.